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The Next D&D 4e Homebrew: Fun with Level Draining!

Editor-in-Chief | October 15, 2012

As Halloween nears, it seems only right that a Dungeon Master should be turning his mind to the joys of undead-packed encounters for their campaign!  Whether based upon a zombie apocalypse or a nest of vampires invading the local village, there is plenty of good undead fun to usher in the season with, and bring [...]

The Next D&D Homebrew – Rituals Revisited: Alchemists, Enchanters, Ritualists, & Practitioners

Editor-in-Chief | April 16, 2012

A few weeks ago in March, I wrote a blog regarding the homebrewed house rules which I planned to implement in my campaigns.  In that blog, Reformation for Rituals, I worked out some rules to make the buying of rituals cheaper, as well as throwing out residuum components, and substituting when possible the old components [...]

The Next D&D Homebrew: Ending Magic Item Dependency

Editor-in-Chief | March 12, 2012

One of things I really came to hate in D&D 4E was the whole idea of magic item “wishlists”.  While I don’t mind dropping a magic item into a game now and then that I know a player has been longing to see in the hands of their character, I disliked the idea that the [...]

The Next D&D Homebrew: Houserule Hotfix Ideas for 4E

Editor-in-Chief | March 5, 2012

D&D Next… D&D Next… all I ever seem to hear about these days is D&D Next!
Unless you’ve been living under a rock – or maybe just playing Skyrim or Star Wars: The Old Republic nearly 24/7 – you too have heard all the hullabaloo about D&D Next from WotC articles, tweetz, blogs, and forums.  With [...]

Skill Challenges: Reforging the Tools

Editor-in-Chief | September 16, 2011

Last Monday, I started a discussion about how infrequently player-characters were failing at Skill Challenges.  In Skill Challenges: Impossible to Fail, I identified that a combination of low Skill Difficulty Classes, coupled with a bonanza of available skill bonuses, made it nearly impossible for a trained character to fail an Easy or Moderate skill check, [...]