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Night of the “Tocking” Dead

Editor-in-Chief | October 25, 2010

An Undead Monster Theme for use with D&D 4E

I had been working on some Monster Themes to use for a possible foray into the Shadowfell, and I had been thinking movies for the genre, and for some reason Van Helsing came to mind. While I was not a particular fan of this Hugh Jackman [...]

Monster Theme: Bloodtainted

Editor-in-Chief | July 16, 2010

I have recently started delving into creating a short Underdark adventure series for one of my D&D 4E campaigns.  Utilizing both the new Underdark 4E book, as well as the old 3rd Edition Forgotten Realms’ Underdark Sourcebook, I’ve been trying to draw parallels between the ideas presented in them, particularly in consideration of the new [...]