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Highlights from my Interview… with R.A. Salvatore!

Editor-in-Chief | October 24, 2011

Last Wednesday, I was offered an amazing opportunity, which any D&D blogger would find impossible to pass up: the chance to have an interview with the creator of Drizzt… R. A. Salvatore!  The phone interview was conducted over Skype, which I recorded so as to be able to use his quotes for my upcoming reviews [...]

Neverwinter Fortune Cards: Three Good Reasons to allow Fortune Cards at the Gaming Table

Editor-in-Chief | September 26, 2011

When I attended GenCon last month, one of the new products in the Neverwinter “blitz”, which WotC was running to promote the new setting, was the Neverwinter Boosters of the D&D Fortune Cards.  I got a chance to try out a few of the Fortune Cards in the D&D Neverwinter Press Game, but I never [...]

EN World Review – Neverwinter Campaign Setting by WotC

Editor-in-Chief | August 24, 2011

Welcome Dear Readers, it is Wednesday once again, and I hope that this week is going well for you all!  Since this past weekend, we’ve been dealing with numerous thunderstorms, including one that caused a windsheer event in our neighborhood which ripped down trees and caused power outages.  And to top it off, we then [...]

GenCon 2011 Highlights (Part 2): D&D Product Preview, Interviews, “Press” Game, and More!

Editor-in-Chief | August 9, 2011

Yesterday, in Part 1 of this blog series, I recapped the exciting news from the D&D Product Preview seminar.  It appears that Wizards of the Coast has a some awesome novel, board game, and role-playing game releases due out in the coming months for Dungeons & Dragons 4E.  In this blog, I want to cover [...]

Neverwinter Blitz!!!

Editor-in-Chief | August 2, 2011

I got a press release in my email box today from the public relations folks for Wizards of the Coast, and it was quite the mega-release.  It looks like the Neverwinter Campaign Setting is going to be much, much more than just another boxed set – it’s looking like an all out product blitz to [...]