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GENCON 2014 – A Final Quick Report on Day 4 (Sunday)

Editor-in-Chief | August 18, 2014

Greetings to all, Gentle Readers and Fellow Gamers!
Last night (Saturday) I was out far too late to make a report after I got in – it was insane trying to get dinner after my final panel with the Colts game in town.  So I figured I’d roll up a Final Report about the GENCON 2014 [...]

GENCON 2014 – A Quick Report on Day 1 (Thursday)

Editor-in-Chief | August 14, 2014

Greetings Gentle Readers and Fellow Gamers!
It’s nighttime now after Day 1 at GENCON 2014, and I wanted to drop a quick report about all my activities here so far.  We actually arrived last night (Wednesday) after a pretty leisurely drive, and I got a good night’s sleep to be sure I’d be ready for the [...]

Wizards of the Coast Announces New Dungeons & Dragons Will Be Free!

Editor-in-Chief | May 27, 2014

Some of my Readers might have noticed that it’s been a long time since I’ve written a blog about the new edition of Dungeons & Dragons.  In fact, the last time I blogged anything regarding that new RPG dubbed “D&D Next” was back in August of 2012 – and admittedly, I was a rather outspoken [...]

Too Many Choices: Four Cool Need-to-Play MMOs for 2014

Editor-in-Chief | February 18, 2014

This year is going to be awesome for MMO Gamers, but downright excruciating for those of us with time and/or budgetary boundaries to our online gaming.  There are just so many really amazing MMOs coming out this year, and it’s been hard to get the list down to just four new titles.  These are the [...]

What a Week: GENCON 2014 Open Pre-Registration Begins – D&D 40th Anniversary!

Editor-in-Chief | January 27, 2014

This past Sunday was quite a day for RPG fans for a couple of very good reasons.
First off, pre-registration has finally begun for this year’s GENCON yesterday!  For those who plan to attend The Best Four Days of Gaming this August,