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A Dead Age Teaser by Alea Publishing Group

Editor-in-Chief | March 29, 2011

One facet of the old d20 System was its ability to be morphed and “re-skinned” into genres other than a heroic fantasy role-playing game involving dungeons and dragons.  There are any number of settings that picked up on this trait under the OGL, and used d20 for horror (Call of Cthulhu), scifi (Traveller d20), and [...]

Return of the Techans: A Preview of Amethyst: Evolution

Editor-in-Chief | March 14, 2011

early one year ago, I had the opportunity to do a preview review of an exciting adaptation of the 4E rules.  Dias Ex Machina Games, or DEM Games for short, was producing a sci-fi/fantasy game setting in which high-tech and magic battled for dominance of a post-apocalyptic future Earth.  Amethyst: Foundations daringly mixed genres under [...]