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Skill Challenges: Reforging the Tools

Editor-in-Chief | September 16, 2011

Last Monday, I started a discussion about how infrequently player-characters were failing at Skill Challenges.  In Skill Challenges: Impossible to Fail, I identified that a combination of low Skill Difficulty Classes, coupled with a bonanza of available skill bonuses, made it nearly impossible for a trained character to fail an Easy or Moderate skill check, [...]

Skill Challenges: Impossible To Fail!

Editor-in-Chief | September 12, 2011

I’ve noticed a rather startling trend over the past year in my two D&D 4E campaigns, and one that I think needs to be addressed: Skill Challenges never fail!  I’ve run scores of skill challenges in my campaigns, usually Complexity 1 or 2, and I cannot recall any that the player-characters have failed to dominate [...]

Skill Challenge Dilemmas for Jocks, Nerds, and Drama Geeks

Editor-in-Chief | May 27, 2011

With the coming of Memorial Day, and the promise of three-day weekend, my Dark Sun campaign ended up getting cancelled this week, with about half my players heading out of town to visit friends or relatives.  Despite the fact, I might add, that I left last session on a massive cliffhanger: while battling a pack [...]