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Building Better RPGs: Skills Systems & Building Characters

Editor-in-Chief | September 24, 2012

Without a doubt, if there is one thing that reviewing RPG products gives you, it is a wide-eyed perspective on just how many skill systems are out there in the game market!  And for me, that just covers new games that have crossed my path in the three or so years I’ve been doing reviews.  [...]

Skill Challenge Dilemmas for Jocks, Nerds, and Drama Geeks

Editor-in-Chief | May 27, 2011

With the coming of Memorial Day, and the promise of three-day weekend, my Dark Sun campaign ended up getting cancelled this week, with about half my players heading out of town to visit friends or relatives.  Despite the fact, I might add, that I left last session on a massive cliffhanger: while battling a pack [...]