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EN World Review – Advanced Encounters: Alternative Objectives

Editor-in-Chief | February 27, 2013

Once again, Fellow Gamers, I must offer my warmest greetings this week to offset another winter storm rolling across half the country!  But despite Winter Storm Rocky (who makes up these names?) dumping piles of snow and freezing rain everywhere it reaches, hopefully for most of us, it provides an easy excuse to stay indoors, [...]

EN World Review – Beacon in the Dark by Sneak Attack Press

Editor-in-Chief | April 18, 2012

Greetings fellow gamers!  It is Wednesday once again, and I have another review I’m posting over at EN World News!  I regret that my copy of the new WotC release, Halls of Undermountain, did not reach me in time for me to write a review, but rest assured I’ll have a review ready next week [...]

EN World Review – Advanced Encounters: Terrain Toolbox by Sneak Attack Press

Editor-in-Chief | November 2, 2011

Well it looks like Halloween is over, and here we are in November already, looking forward to the upcoming holiday season!  This week has been a busy one for me, reformatting the laptop I do all my D&D 4E writing on, finally upgrading the operating system and then trying to get it back into some [...]

Review of Axes of Evil by Sneak Attack Press

Editor-in-Chief | July 29, 2011

Over three decades of fantasy gaming, I’ve had the opportunity to try a lot of different kinds of role-playing experiences in my campaigns.  Most of the campaigns I have run usually involved my characters role-playing heroes of some type or other, almost always good, sometimes a bit on the mercenary side, but generally interested in [...]

EN World Review – Hunting Deathcloud by Sneak Attack Press

Editor-in-Chief | March 30, 2011

Here we are, it is Wednesday again, and I have just posted a new review over at the EN World website.  This week I had the opportunity to review a new module designed for high level play by Sneak Attack Press called Hunting Deathcloud.  It is the first Paragon-Tier adventure I have reviewed from this [...]