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EN World Review – Good Little Children Never Grow Up

Editor-in-Chief | December 15, 2010

Here we are again at the mid-week EN World Review, and today I had the chance to peruse Good Little Children Never Grow Up by Sneak Attack Press.  Arguably, this short but creepy adventure might have been more appropriate for the Halloween season, but since a certain Mr. Dickens saw fit to tell ghost stories [...]

Review of The Golden Banner by Sneak Attack Press

Editor-in-Chief | September 27, 2010

Major wars have been fought throughout history over religious issues, whether for dogmatic reasons, reasons of faith, or over land or items perceived as holy to one group or another.  In the case of religious artifacts, often only a few eyewitnesses can attest to have actually seen the power of a holy item or relic, [...]

Review of Blessed by Poison by Sneak Attack Press

Editor-in-Chief | July 6, 2010

“Have you ever heard of insect politics? Neither have I.” ~ Seth (The Fly, 1986)
People rarely consider being stung by a scorpion or bitten by a spider to be a particularly “blessed” event.  Most folks rarely hesitate squishing an offensive and potentially dangerous multi-legged critter, although really the poor little beastie is just going through [...]