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Review of Wild Wide Web by Taurus XII

Editor-in-Chief | November 22, 2010

Side trek adventures offer Dungeon Masters a quick fix to several issues that can arise in their campaigns.  The foremost issue is usually preparation time, which almost any DM runs into at some time or another.  A quick side trek on the way to an adventure site fills up a gaming session with a fun [...]

EN World Review: Forgotten Rituals by Taurus XII

Editor-in-Chief | September 15, 2010

As I announced last week, I was offered and have enthusiastically accepted the position of Staff Reviewer at EN World.  And so I will be posting a review over there once a week, on every Wednesday, so definitely check out today’s review at EN World!
Today’s review is about an ebook supplement of new Rituals from [...]

Review of DDS2: Caves, Sea and The Great Outdoors by Taurus XII

Editor-in-Chief | September 8, 2010

“A connecting principle / Linked to the invisible / Almost imperceptible” ~ Synchronicity I (The Police, Synchronicity, 1983)

Just before GenCon, I had the good fortune to get a review copy of the recent Kobold Quarterly Issue #14.  And in the course of writing the Review of KQ14, I had my DM’s perspective shaken up a [...]