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The Next D&D Homebrew: Fixing the 4E Financial Crisis

Editor-in-Chief | September 3, 2012

If I had to guess, I’d lay equal odds that seeing the words “financial crisis” in my title had almost as much impact to the average Reader as seeing “D&D” and “4E” in there.  But I’m not here to wax political – which is darned hard not to do in an Election Year – but [...]

Friday’s 4e Freebie: Treasure Generators

Editor-in-Chief | October 30, 2009

Contentment is the greatest treasure. ~ Lao Tzu, Chinese Philosopher
Outta my way, that treasure is mine! ~ Every Dwarven Philosopher
Creating Treasure, in my opinion, is possibly one of the most obnoxious tasks I have to do as a DM.  The only other thing that could rank higher on my list of “annoying DM things” is [...]