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The Old School 4E Bestiary (Halloween Special): The Madness of the Allip!

Editor-in-Chief | October 29, 2012

Halloween Week is finally upon us, and if that wasn’t reason enough to be scared, we have what is likely to be remembered as the “Storm of the Century” barreling its way onto the New Jersey shore!  (My hopes and good wishes go out to those affected by Hurricane Sandy – please stay safe out [...]

The Next D&D 4e Homebrew: Fun with Level Draining!

Editor-in-Chief | October 15, 2012

As Halloween nears, it seems only right that a Dungeon Master should be turning his mind to the joys of undead-packed encounters for their campaign!  Whether based upon a zombie apocalypse or a nest of vampires invading the local village, there is plenty of good undead fun to usher in the season with, and bring [...]

Night of the “Tocking” Dead

Editor-in-Chief | October 25, 2010

An Undead Monster Theme for use with D&D 4E

I had been working on some Monster Themes to use for a possible foray into the Shadowfell, and I had been thinking movies for the genre, and for some reason Van Helsing came to mind. While I was not a particular fan of this Hugh Jackman [...]

Friday’s 4e Freebie: Book of the Dead by Mesh Hong

Editor-in-Chief | November 27, 2009

Rick: “Is he supposed to look like that? “
Evie: “No, I’ve never seen a mummy look like this before. He’s still… still…”
Rick: “…juicy.” (The Mummy, 1999)
I have always been a big fan of creepy undead monster movies.  Whether they are serious and scary, or goofy and tongue-in-cheek, if it’s a movie about zombies, ghouls, vampires, [...]